About us

A Make in India product


STRACO industries manufacturers quality electrical accessories.

Being one of the leading companies amongst Indian switch manufacturers, Straco offers a high-quality portfolio of modular switches & electrical accessories. Our products can be found in some of the most exciting infrastructures across the country. We also have a strong distribution and dealership network.

Some of Straco’s brands are The Mall-Modular Switches, E-Series, Designers, Jalsa Series, Aura Modular Series and HRS BOND Modular Series. And now we’re geared up for another exciting launch – of our new age Modular Range RIO.


So get inspired. And go on, design your environment.

RIO is the modern range of switches that sets the mood in every room. The series makes a convincing impression with its clear structure and its apt choice of materials. Presenting the first version in white frames which gives a sense of sophistication to your walls. In addition, we also offer metallic and wooden textures. The switches come in two choices, LyF and JET.

Providing quality products to our customers is an absolute mandate. We at Straco use  only high-performance fr-grade polycarbonate (PC) material from of prestigious companies. The brass parts, cutting parts and contact by-metal are also supplied by reputed companies.Because second best just won’t do.

So get inspired. And go on, design your environment.